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The packet of Wright Brother primary sources I gave you in class on Thursday. There are additional sources available via hyperlink on page 15
The contest rules/parameters for the paper

*UPDATE* This form must be submitted along with your paper if you are interested in the contest!!

Thursday 1-9-14: Project was introduced, HOMEWORK - Determine your sub-theme within the Wright Brothers topic (Building of the first airplane, testing of the first airplane, working at the bicycle shop, etc).

Assigned 2-6-14; Project due (printed out) Tuesday 2-11-14

12-14-15 - 12-15-15
For assistance, check out "Crash Course - America in World War I"
Page 630: 2, 4-6 Assigned 12-18-14, due 12-19-14


Assigned 1-5-15, due 1-6-15
For assistance, check out "Crash Course - The Roaring 20's"
For assistance, check out "Crash Course - The Great Depression"
Textbook assignment: Page 677 2,3,5


Assigned groups Thursday 1-30-14, prepare for presentation Friday 1-31-14

For the test 1-13-15

Begun 2-6-14

Hawaii 147.JPGHawaii 176.JPG
USS Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Hawaii 191.JPG Hawaii 264.JPG
USS Missouri "on guard" near the ArizonaHoneymoon 618.JPG Honeymoon 620.JPG
WAVES and WASPs (well, their uniforms. These are mannequins)